“I was born a Jew, I received my paternal grandfather’s name, Aron.

Become a Christian through faith and baptism, I have remained a Jew, just as the apostles did.

My patron saints are Aron the High Priest, Saint John the Apostle and Blessed Mary full of Grace.

Nothing is impossible to God.”


Jean-Marie Aron Cardinal Lustiger

…This Word is so very much a fruit of Life that it touches hearts beyond religions and unites them in the will to create a memorial for Aron Jean-Marie Lustiger.

A place was needed: the Cardinal had wanted to retire to Abu Ghosh… A sign was needed: a garden. Life was needed: water, “with frogs and fish”, as the memorial’s architect told us the evening of its inauguration!

It’s done: the garden is waiting for you. The memorial’s host is already praying for you.