A community is to a large extent what others make of it. And this is a beautiful mystery, which was lived already by the Desert Fathers, the founders of monastic life: the neighbor is as important as the solitude.

The Association of the Friends of the Abu Ghosh Abbey was founded in October 1991 in order to support in its mission of presence and of animation the Benedictine community living on this French national domain. The Association’s objective is also to contribute towards developing the domain and to support the activity of the French State so as to maintain an exceptional historical heritage.

The Association numbers several hundred members and sympathizers. Its annual general assembly in Paris, in the presence of the Father Abbot and the Mother Prioress, is always a moment of friendship and of brotherly and sisterly communion.
The Association functions on a purely voluntary basis, essentially by means of the membership fees and donations from its members. It can receive public or private subsidies.

Its president, Martine Hue, succeeded Jean Guéguinou, the founding president who held the presidency of the association for more than twenty years. Jean Guéguinou, French ambassador, and Yves Boiret, a member of the Fine Arts Academy [Académie des Beaux-Arts], are honorary presidents of the association.

The basic annual membership fee is € 30, but can be accompanied by a complementary sum. The donations received are tax deductible under the usual conditions, and according to the date of the donation, a receipt is sent during the first quarter of the year to each person who has given, for their financial declaration.

Any fees and gifts are to be sent to:

– If these are in the form of a check, it is to be made out to «Les Amis de l’Abbaye d’Abu Gosh», at the following address:

Association des Amis de l’Abbaye d’Abu Gosh
M. Jean-Yves Audouin | 5, avenue Saint-Honoré d’Eylau | F-75116 PARIS

– If given by bank transfer: IBAN FR 76 3000 3039 0100 0372 6583 852 | SOGEFRPP

Mentioning the following: Family name | Year | Association des Amis de l’Abbaye d’Abu Gosh.

For every request of membership or for more information, please write to us at this address: