Welcome !

You are going to discover two communities of the Order of Saint Benedict, men and women together praising the Father. Monastic communities, nothing else, who want to say that “God can be enough and be everything in a life.”

But I beg you, don’t idealize this life: it is that of beginners; Saint Benedict says in his Rule that it is the life of weak people who day by day accept more or less well the path of conversion.

Conversion in this place of the Holy Land means: to advance slowly but firmly on the path of love and of not judging.

A path that all of us, you and we, are on, seeking ceaselessly the value that is fundamental to all life and that gives it its foundation: to love and to be loved.

When you explore this site, may the virtual not dominate over the real… You are going to enter into the Abu Ghosh family. If you find there a little peace, serenity, let us thank the Father together for all that is good. And tell yourself that the peace of the monks and nuns comes in following the Word of Jesus concerning Mary Magdalen: “Much must have been forgiven her, because she loved greatly.”

Yes, welcome to our house! Help us to continue our path of conversion. Together, let’s go to Him who is ALL.


fr. Charles, Abbot